How to land and ace a job interview?

Job interview

If you were let go during this crisis, you’re probably wondering how to land a job interview in this climate. Fortunately, things are starting to look up! More and more businesses are opening their doors and hiring once again. True, it’s not the same as before but what can you do other than adapt?

However, as much things have changed some still remained the same. Certainly, interview methods have changed. But whether your job interview is online or in person the preparation is the same. In this article we will outline three key factors that contribute to landing and acing a job interview.Key factors in job hunting

Writing, editing and updating your CV to land the desired job interview

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand times. Your CV is the first contact you’re making with a potential future employer. Please ensure it’s easily understood and grammatically correct. There’s always time to proofread your CV before sending it. In addition, a lot of programs now offer free spell check as well as grammar check. If for some reason you don’t have it in your Office pack, check out Grammarly. There, you can do your spell check online. Good CV plays a huge difference in whether or not you get called forth for a job interview. If you have additional questions on what a good CV needs to have, check out our article on CV writing. Or download our template by clicking here.

Acing a job interview

Here, we will primarily discuss in-person job interview practices. Read our other