How to prepare for an online job interview?

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Acing an online job interview

How to prepare for an online job interview?

If this is your first time participating in an online job interview, hopefully the following article will help you out.

What is an online job interview?

An online job interview has become common practice in the modern day. With the advancements of technology people have never been more mobile. In turn, this often means that the employer has an even bigger pool of applicants to sift through. But some distance is not going to keep the employer from hiring a possibly valuable addition to its team. Therefore, it’s not uncommon now to be asked to an online job interview. Especially if you’re applying from abroad.

However, some roles require additional screening so an online job interview can also be your first stage in the hiring process. For example, high management jobs fall under this category. After a successful online job interview, you will be called to meet in person for the second interview. In addition to management jobs chef and spa jobs often fall under the category of jobs that require additional screening. This is because the employer needs to be sure the potential job applicant has a specific skill set. Whatever the case may be, the employer will often combine the second interview in person with a trial. An online job interview is sometimes your direct line to the desired job and sometimes it’s just a stage. But either way, we’re sure you want to ace it.

InterviewOnline job interview tips and best practices

We’ve been recruiting since 1974 and since then we are constantly staying on top of new technologies. While it may be true that we prefer to meet our candidates face to face sometimes that is unfortunately impossible. We recruit for hotel management jobs as well as chef jobs Ireland. For these roles we recruit talented people from all across Europe. Moreover, we also recruit for some of the best hotels outside of Europe. So, it was natural to incorporate Skype and now Zoom to our interviews ???? Over the years, we interviewed plenty of candidates online and we’ve decided to compile some of the best online job interview practices below.

Tips and best practisesTips and best practices:

  • We’ve said it once, we’ve said it many times. Research, research, research. It sounds simple but we cannot stress how important it is to research your employer before an interview. We often give candidates info package on the client but that does not substitute for your own research.
  • If you have questions write them down. It will help you remember everything you wanted to ask as well as make sure the conversation runs smooth.
  • In addition to preparing yourself take care when choosing your surroundings. You want to make sure there will be no distractions and that you have privacy.
  • Chose your outfit as you would if you were going to a face to face job interview. Business look is what you’re going for. For instance, men should wear suits while women can choose between suits or blouses. Of course, keep the makeup to the minimum.
  • Check your equipment. Make sure your camera is on and that the headphones are working. Moreover, it would be beneficial to actually do a test call with someone. When any of our candidates has a Skype interview, we do a test call with them 20 minutes before to ensure everything is working.
  • Last, adjust the camera angle and find a comfortable position as you don’t want to be seen squirming during an interview.


Above all, be yourself. All this tips and advices are here to ensure you are as relaxed during the interview as you can be. If you prepare well, there is less things for you to think about and you will be better able to focus on the interview itself. The questions you prepare will help you make an informed decision later and avoid any miscommunication. The rest of the advices is there to make sure you don’t get side-tracked during an interview. Good luck and happy job hunting.

Reach out to us if you have any questions. Otherwise check out our current hospitality jobs.

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