Signs of a good Hotel Employer

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Signs of a good hotel employer


Hotel employer reputation is very important.  Everyone wants to work for a hotel with an excellent employer reputation. Furthermore, we all want to progress our hotel career forward as best we can. Therefore, we decided to list a few signs of good hotel employers to look out for:

  • The company has a low staff turnover
  • People have progressed in their careers within the company
  • They invest in their people by way of education, training, upskilling etc
  • Good strong reviews on glassdoor
  • Their mission statement is clear and visible
  • The company acknowledges highly engaged staff who have contributed to overall growth
  • They respect their employees and their wellbeing
  • There is a positive opinion within the local community of the business
  • Company does frequent appraisals of staff and management
  • HR department does full induction with new employees as well as conducts exit interviews
  • They offer staff parties and family days
  • The company is committed to excellence and high quality candidates are attracted to work in the business
  • They are accountable and acknowledge failings
  • Company values are compassion, respect and understanding
  • Emphasis is on health, family and environment
  • A corporate social responsibility plan is in place whereby the business supports certain charities

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