What to wear to an interview

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What to wear to an interview

What to wear to an interview?

So, you have applied to a number of roles and you’ve been called forward for an interview. Now comes the big question. What should I wear to the interview? Of course, if you ask anyone, they will advise you to dress professionally. But what does this vague statement really mean? Moreover, how do you figure out what this potential employer will regard as professional attire?

Our advice is quite simple, take a look at the sector and what is the norm for professional attire. Traditionally in hospitality middle and senior management will wear suits in the workplace and therefore it is best to mimic this in the interview.

For our male readers its quite simple. Do you just wear any suit? No is the simple answer to this question. The suit you choose needs to be a good fit, don’t wear a suit that is too baggy or that shows your ankles (yes this is a trend now). Simply don’t try to be too flashy, wear a plain colour suit grey, navy or black are always best with a pressed shirt and appropriate shoes. When wearing a black suit try to stay away from a black tie, it’s an interview, not a funeral. Make sure you are pairing the correct shoes with your suit. Plain leather dress shoes with a suit (no loafers), the general rule is to wear black shoes to formal occasions. As for jewellery we advise only wearing your wedding band and remove and piercings.

Our female readers have a greater variety of options when choosing what to wear to an interview. Of course, the first option is a suit and a pressed blouse, don’t be afraid to wear bright colours but make sure they are pristine as a small splash of coffee is much more noticeable. You can always go for the classic interview look and choose to wear that knee-length dress in textured tights, just ensure they have no ladders (PS don’t put on that pair of fishnets you love). If you’re not feeling he dress you can always go for the pencil skirt with a button-down shirt or swap out the dress/skirt option with suit trousers. You can always add a blazer to any of these options for a bit more comfort and style.

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