How to create a CV – CV template

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CV template

How to create a CV – CV template

Having a well-presented CV is an imperative part of securing yourself an interview for your dream job. Therefore, we designed our own CV template to help you out.

Hiring managers receive many applicants for certain positions, and they generally only give about 30 seconds to scan over a CV. So, here are some top tips to help you write an excellent CV.

Your CV should be no longer than 2-3 pages. It’s quality not quantity an employer is looking for. They don’t have time to scan over 4-5 pages of roles you held that are not relevant to the position you are applying for.

So how do you compose a good CV?

  1. Formatting ensures your CV is laid out well and there are no unnecessary spacing between lines. It should be easy for the hiring manager to read
  2. Start with your name and contact details on the top, ensuring all the details are correct. You can include your LinkedIn IM and add a link to your CV so it takes the potential employer directly to your page
  3. Then use a bold heading for your Employment details, in the format Date: Employer: Position held. Always start with your most recent employer first. Use about 5-6 bullet points outlining your duties and responsibilities
  4. Only include your most recent positions as most employers will look back over your last 3 positions. You can put some more positions down if you wish but dates, employer and position in these roles will be enough for the CV
  5. Ensure you have a valid explanation for any gaps in your CV
  6. For education part you can put all your completed education and courses. Again, always start with your most recent qualification, stating dates/college and course and include your qualification result i.e. Degree/Masters achieved
  7. You can finish by putting in your skills and relevant courses completed in this field
  8. You don’t need to put names and contact details of references, just put references available upon request
  9. It is not necessary to put in hobbies, however if you have a passion and would like to put on your CV that is ok. It will show the employer a small side to your personality
  10. Finally, review and check your CV to ensure there is no spelling mistakes or bad grammar. This can be a real turnoff to prospective employers

To download a free CV template from Action Recruitment please click here.


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