Average Hotel Management Salaries in Ireland

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Average Hotel Management Salaries

The average hotel management salaries in Ireland below, are given as a guide based on data from 2019. They depend on the location of the venue, size and star rating.


Group General Manager/Area General Manager Salaries

This person is responsible for a number of hotels within a group. Group GM usually has General Managers of each property reporting into them. They themselves would report to a CEO or COO. Salaries for this type of role start off at €120,000 and go higher – depending on the size of the portfolio. A role like this commands a lot of perks such as bonus, pension etc.


Hotel General Manager Salaries

General Managers are responsible for the overall running of the hotel. From an operations’ and financial perspective. Starting salary for a General Manager in Ireland is €70,000. This can surpass €200,000 if the General Manager is responsible for a large resort type property. Salary depends on the size of the hotel, star rating and location. In Dublin, the average salary for a Hotel General Manager in a 4 star hotel could be up to €110,000. Most companies offer pension and death in service benefit. Some but not all offer healthcare, suit allowance and stock options.


Hotel Manager/ Deputy General Manager Salaries

Deputy Hotel Managers are the number two person in a hotel, and they go by many names. These include: Hotel Managers, Operations Managers, Deputy General Managers and Resident Managers. They operate the hotel in the absence of the General Manager. Their salaries range from €45,000 to €80,000 for a large luxury hotel. They do not command as many perks as a General Manager do. However, there is usually some form of a percentage bonus based on KPI’s.


Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing / Sales & Marketing Manager Salaries

An important role in any hotel, this person works closely with the General Manager. They are responsible for the whole sales and marketing department. Salaries start at €45,000 for a sales and marketing manager in a hotel outside of Dublin. They could go up to the region of €120,000 maximum for a large resort.


Director of Food & Beverage / Food & Beverage Manager Salaries

This role is responsible for all the food and beverage departments within the hotel. Director of Food & Beverage works side by side with the Deputy GM and General Manager. A salary guide for this role would be starting at €45,000 going right up to €70,000 per annum.


Executive Head Chef / Head Chef Salaries

Head chef is in charge of the whole kitchen and all the team. This role commands a salary starting at €50,000 for a small hotel/restaurant operations outside of Dublin. It goes right up to €120,000 for an Executive Head Chef role in a large luxury resort.


Hotel Director of HR / Human Resources Manager Salaries

A person in this role is responsible for all employees within the organisation. Salary for this role would range from €45,000 going as far as €70,000.


Hotel Financial Controller / Head Accountant Salaries

This person collaborates with the General Manager in order to control all finances. Starting salary for this role is €45,000. It goes right up to €80,000 for a role in a luxury hotel.


Hotel Revenue Manager Salaries

Hotel Revenue Managers can command salaries from €45,000 up to €75,000. They work hand in hand with sales and marketing department. As well as with the Hotel General Manager.


Spa Manager Salaries

Spa Managers are highly sought after in Ireland and as such they are paid well for running the whole spa. Salaries start at €40,000 per annum and go right up to €60,000 per annum for superstars.


Accommodation Manager Salaries

This is one of the most physically demanding jobs in any hotel. Luckily, our clients value the work that all the accommodation team does for them. Salaries begin at €40,000 per annum and go right up to €55,000 in certain instances.


Hotel Digital Marketing Manager Salaries

Candidates with google or a digital marketing certificates are at an advantage. Salaries start at €40,000 and can go as high as €55,000.


Sous Chef Salaries

Sous Chef roles vary in salary from €40,000 to €65,000 per annum. They depend on the size of the operation and the annual F & B of the property.


Chef de Partie Salaries

Chef de partie salaries vary from €26,000 per annum to €32,000. Some chef de partie roles can offer live in accommodation in the resort hotels. In that case, there would be a weekly deduction for live in accommodation.


Leisure Centre Manager Salaries

Hotel Leisure Centre Manager salaries start at €35,000 and can go as high as €50,000 per annum.


Spa Therapists Salaries

We have placed more than 30 spa therapists in Ireland from abroad. Usually, Spa Therapists are paid per hour (on a 40 hour week usually depending on business). The starting rate per hour is €11 and can go as high as €13 per hour. Some of our clients offer live in accommodation as well.


Student Accommodation General Manager Salaries

Number of Student Accommodation units is growing in Ireland. They seek managers with a hospitality background to manage all aspects of work. This includes reception, maintenance and the sales/marketing department. It is usually a Monday to Friday role. These positions offer a salary range of €40,000 to 50,000 per annum.


Bar Manager Salaries

You might be responsible for one bar or 5 bars all on the same site.  Salaries for this fast-paced role range from €35,000 to €60,000 per annum.


Restaurant Manager Salaries

Maybe your preference is a large volume Restaurants. Maybe it’s running multiple restaurants offering different cuisine in the hotel. It might be a fine dining multi award-winning restaurant.  Whatever it is, knowledge and attention to detail are key in this role. As such, salaries vary from €35,000 to €65,000 per annum.


Sommelier Salaries

Being a Sommelier in a Restaurant or a Hotel is a love of all things Wine. Moreover, it’s a passion. Salaries per annum range from €40,000 to €50,000. They depend on your experience and what level WSET you have.


Maintenance Manager / Director of Engineering Salaries

This person is responsible for all the proactive maintenance of the hotel. These skilled individuals have a salary range of €40,000 to €70,000 per annum.


Duty Manager Salaries

This is a wide-ranging role. It requires popping in and out of each department. In this role, you are support for the Deputy General Manager. College leavers with supervisory experience can fit into a Duty Manager role. Salaries range from €28,000 to €34,000 per annum.

Average hotel salaries in Ireland is based on data collected by our team in 2019.

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