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Accommodation Manager Job Description

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Accommodation Manager Job Description

Accommodation Manager Job Description differs somewhat depending on the type of property you work in and it’s size. However, some parts and the overall responsibility stay the same. An Accommodation Manager will always answer to the GM and they are responsible for the cleanliness of the entire hotel. Moreover, they are responsible for staffing and budget of the overall accommodation department.

Below we will display an example of Accommodation Manager job description in a 5* resort as well as an Accommodation Manager job description for a 4* hotel just to draw a picture.

Accommodation Manager Job Description 5* Resort

An Accommodation Manager in a 5* resort is responsible for:

  • Managing the daily activities of the Housekeeping department. This includes appropriate cleaning of all bedrooms and all public areas.
  • Planning, organising and directing team members to ensure the highest standards of guest satisfaction.
  • Conducting daily inspections to include checking of all public areas and bedrooms to ensure adherence to the level of cleanliness expected in a 5 Star Property.
  • Ensuring that Supervisory Staff completes workarounds and checks in his or her absence. Moreover, they are to ensure that cleanliness and condition of each area meets designated standards. All VIP rooms are to be checked by the Accommodation Manager. As well as all other rooms by either the department manager or supervisors.
  • Training of all new housekeeping staff members to the required standard.
  • Uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, health & safety, and conduct. Ensure that sufficient staffing is present to meet the daily business demands.
  • They need to communicate anticipated business demands daily with each employee and ensure staff’s knowledge of hotel services, features, and amenities.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that the Housekeeping staff performs their duties to the hotel’s expected level of service.
  • Assisting the Housekeeping staff whenever necessary in performing all duties as well as accommodating all guest requests in an efficient manner.
  • Ensuring that all pertinent information is documented in the logbook daily.
  • Reporting all maintenance issues promptly to the maintenance department as well as following up to ensure they are rectified to the appropriate standard.
  • Ensuring payroll is documented and submitted accurately and promptly. Furthermore, they need to ensure payroll forecasts’ completion and timely submission.
  • Prepare and distribute assignment sheets to assigned staff and review priorities.
  • Check vacant rooms, verify status and update status of discrepant rooms throughout the shift.
  • Liaise and develop excellent relationships with all relevant departments to ensure the efficient running of your department
  • Adhere to all hotel and company policies and procedures.
  • Purchase, re-order and maintain housekeeping supplies and inventory.
  • Maintain the housekeeping budget, weekly stock take.

Accommodation Manager Job Description 4* Hotel

Accommodation Manager job description 4 star hotel

Key responsibilities of an Accommodation Manager in a 4* Hotel fall between operational responsibilities, financial responsibilities as well as staff development and training. Here they are in that precise order.

Operational Responsibilities

  • The Accommodation Manager needs to plan and direct the day to day operation of their Department.
  • They ensure the achievement of the Hotel standards at all times. Moreover, they reflect and enhance the Hotel’s mission statement and objectives in all activities.
  • Ensuring all departmental staff are able to carry out their duties to the standards as laid down in the SOP manual.
  • They need to ensure the SOP manual is up to date, in use and regularly reviewed.
  • Assisting in implementing and maintaining a quality system for the Hotel and especially in Accommodation to ensure we always offer guests consistently high standards of quality through monitoring.
  • The Accommodation Manager assists in achieving annual awards and goals we set out to achieve.
  • Moreover, they assist in auditing the department for service and quality and in implementing strategies to improve results.
  • Have a visible presence within the hotel, ensuring that all customer needs are consistently met.
  • An Accommodation Manager resolves guest complaints in a friendly and efficient manner, ensuring guest satisfaction at all times, while maintaining the departmental and hotel reputation.

Financial responsibilities

  • Ensuring that the required staffing levels of the department are always met.
  • Reviewing and controlling the weekly payroll and expenditure for the Accommodation Department in line with budget.
  • Following best practice in managing costs within the hotel while always being conscious of our corporate and social responsibility.

Staff Development & Training

  • Managing and developing a team of Hotel professionals as well as working closely with the HR & Training Manager. In brief, they need to organise all training activities of the Accommodation Department.
  • Continually developing new knowledge and skills to ensure best practice service delivery.
  • Ensuring that all employees maintain the highest possible standard of personal hygiene, appearance, body language and conduct
  • Making sure all relevant training is carried out along as well as any other necessary  statutory requirements.
  • Supporting and delivering training to team members and actively develop the skills and knowledge of the department as a whole. Moreover, they are responsible for supervisor development, performance reviews and progression planning.
  • Responsible for the recruitment, selection & retention of all Accommodation staff in coordination with the HR & Training Manager.

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