Sous Chef – An important role

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Sous Chef

Sous Chef

There are many types of sous chef positions out there. You could be a chef of a small café where there are just 2 chefs, the head, and the sous. Or you could be the executive sous chef of a large 5* resort. This is a very senior position which comes with great responsibility. Often the senior chef of a large hotel does not get the credit they deserve. They are usually the chef who is in the kitchen everyday running the whole operation. Yes, the executive head chef will ultimately be overseeing things but a lot of the time they may be office based. A lot of chefs will see cheffing as their career choice and will have the ultimate goal of becoming a head chef.

Sous Kitchen

How to get a job as a Sous Chef

You’re looking for Sous Chef vacancies but how do you go about landing such a role ? Well, like most jobs experience is key. It is highly unlikely that your first ever chef position will be a senior one. You will normally start straight from college as a commis chef and depending how passionate you are and how your skills set is, you can quickly work you way up the ranks. However, this does require a lot of dedication and hard work to get to this level. It also comes with the added responsibility of having to know the admin side of cooking i.e. costing and targets.

There are also different types of establishments that require a senior chef. You could go the down the hotel route or you could try your hand at catering. You could also try your hand as a pastry sous chef. This could be a sous chef in a large catering company, serving 1000 staff a day. Or you could be a senior chef in a hospital setting serving dishes for people with certain dietary requirements. Some chefs will try both to see where their interest and passion lies. Indeed, some hotel chefs could never see themselves as a catering chef and vice versa.

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