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Hotel Revenue Manager Job Description

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Hotel Revenue Manager Job Description

Hotel Revenue Manager Job Description – ensure the efficient and smooth running of the Rooms Division’s/Reservation Department. Maximise room revenue. Assist in the direction and supervision of the activities within the reservations/reception department.

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Hotel Revenue Manager Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure the smooth running of the Rooms Division’s/Reservation Department, ensuring the highest levels of guest service and guest satisfaction.
  • Conduct and/or participate in team briefings on commencement of each shift in preparation of service. Ensure a detailed and full handover is communicated to you. Ensure team members are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Communicate any relevant information to particular departments.
  • Ensure all reservations are accepted, recorded and confirmed in accordance with Company policy and in an efficient and courteous manner.
  • Maximise room occupancy on each shift.
  • Be aware of current business targets, actual budgeted and forecasted business levels. Focus at all times to achieve these targets.
  • Co-ordinate billing with accounts department.
  • Be aware and analyse all forth coming business on a regular basis.
  • Ensure all guests are being offered an efficient, courteous and professional customer service, and in accordance with Hotel standards and Hotel strategy.
  • Make sure all Rooms Division’s/Reservation Department quality standards are respected at all times.
  • Oversee the continual development of the Department tasks. Providing training, support, coaching and guidance to new and existing staff.
  • Maintain excellent and constant communication within the team and the rest of the hotel departments.
  • Support sales and revenue strategies, maximising rooms occupancy and room rate.
  • Actively assist the Management of the Hotel in achieving financial and quality objectives throughout all the year.
  • Preparation of the weekly and Monthly Rooms.
  • Analysis of Rate reports and the production of policy relating to rate strategy.
  • Preparation of a monthly forecast of Rooms Revenue Report and also with assisting the Events team.
  • Make recommendations regarding the implementation of contract clauses.
  • Advise management of upcoming events and revenue generating potential.
  • Decide what business the hotel will take and refuse with reference to increasing the overall revenue to the property.
  • Analyse and report on booking trends.
  • Obtain timely and accurate information on competitors including pricing, business levels and facilities available.
  • Advise the hotel management on ideas and methods of increasing revenue.
  • Propose annual room rates including executive up grades.
  • Work closely with Sales & Marketing Manager to ensure that the hotel is involved in all areas of Marketing and Advertising to increase the Hotel profile while also working closely with Front Desk Manager & Events Manager
  • Meet daily with General Manager/Sale & Marketing Manager to discuss Revenue and Strategy.

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