Why use a recruitment agency?

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Why use a recruitment agency

In the age of Internet, one might ask themselves this precise question. You have all the data at the tip of your fingers, so why should you choose to use a recruitment agency? The answer is – you don’t have to. However, you can also look at it from this perspective. If you decided to go work in a different country, sheer amount of options can be overwhelming. You can go and apply to every agency you find. Or you can even apply to every employer that has a vacancy you are looking for. But what happens when you do all this and never get any feedback? Worse yet, you manage to get to an interview with an employer and later receive a courtesy email. You know the one – we’re sorry, but we have chosen a different candidate. Easy, you don’t grow and don’t know what went wrong.

Allow us to illustrate the benefits of using a recruitment agency to help you navigate these waters.

Applying to an agency & how it should look like

Consider this stage like you would be meeting a new friend. This is the beginning of a relationship where you and the agency alike are trying to decide whether you’ll work well together. At this stage, the questions shouldn’t revolve around your competences. We need to know what you want. Do you want to work in a big hotel? Or small? Do you prefer rural or urban setting? Why do you want to make a change? What are your expectations? Have you considered everything you need to before you took this step?

We can’t help you if we don’t know you. A great recruitment agency takes into account both human and economic aspects. You are not just a number but a human being with your own aspirations.

Looking for a job – together

You might have applied to an existing hospitality job or just decided you need a change. Either way, once the in-depth interview is done, we can look for jobs together. Once we know your preferences, we can better facilitate your needs. We will let you know what jobs we have at the moment and why we think you would be a good fit. Likewise, once you are registered with us, we will keep you appraised of all any new suitable jobs that pop up. When you have a good recruitment agency behind you, it’s like having your mini job search engine. And this is without even considering confidential roles that are not advertised anywhere.

Before you give us permission to send your CV, we will provide you with as much information about the employer as we can.

Preparing for an interview

Why is preparation the key to success? Because it demonstrates how important a job is to you. If you show up for an interview without doing your homework, you come across as not interested. Here is where having a recruitment agency behind you is a blessing. You can always go online and search for the hotel where you want to land a job. However, the Internet won’t tell you what the business culture in a hotel is like. It won’t tell you what will be appreciated and what frowned upon. Your recruiter will provide you with information about the employer and make sure you show your best side at all times. This includes wardrobe tips, mannerism and what to focus on in general.

Sounds easier like this, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. If every sportsman has a coach in their corner, why shouldn’t you?


You did your research and now you’re waiting for THE call. Did I get a job or not? You can give your best and the recruiter can do the same but sometimes you won’t land the first job you applied to. It can be difficult to get proper feedback from an employer as to why you didn’t get it. However, your recruiter will let you know what happened and help you learn from it. It might be a small misstep you otherwise wouldn’t notice. Value of good feedback is not to be dismissed. It nurtures personal and professional growth.


Why you should use a recruitment agency in a nutshell:

  • A recruitment agency already did a background check of your potential employer.
  • They will get to know you as a person and find you a perfect fit, not just something that looks good on paper.
  • Having a good recruitment agency working with you is like having your private job search engine.
  • They have access to confidential roles you didn’t even know were active.
  • Nobody can prepare you for an interview as well as an agency can. We already know the employer and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information.
  • This is one of the main advantage points. As mentioned above, good, honest feedback is sometimes difficult to obtain.
  • Long-term relationship. When you click with your recruiter, you are getting a coach for life.

We are a proud supporter of the Irish Hospitality Institute with over 40 years.  We are the hotel recruitment agency Ireland of choice for many people.

Check out our current hospitality jobs and contact us today. Let us help you get to where you want to be in life. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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