Waiter Jobs in Dublin

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Waiter Jobs in Dublin

In pre COVID-19 times there were literally 100’s of waiter jobs in Dublin. Dublin being one of the major European cities for Tourism. If you searched waiter jobs in Dublin, you would find nearly every bar and restaurant were recruiting for one. They were not always fulltime positions though. Some places may only have been looking for a part time/causal waiter. Others were looking to fill fulltime/permanent positions.

So, what kind of people would be looking for waiter jobs in Dublin? Well literally all different types of people. This is a great way for students to earn so much needed cash. As the hours tend to be evening and weekends, this is ideal for people studying during the week. Are there many waiter jobs in Dublin with fulltime hours? Well, the simple answer is yes. A lot of bars and restaurants would be open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. Meaning they would need a core team of staff who would be able to work midweek day shifts.

Waiter jobs in Dublin, is it a good career choice?

Could I make a career from this? Absolutely yes you can. There are many waiter jobs in Dublin where staff have started off working casually and now have become senior members of staff. Staff who are important o the business. Staff who know the business and can promote their offerings. Indeed, many a general manager of a bar and restaurant will tell you they started off working part time during college. Then they just go the buzz from working in the industry. They love customer service environments. Due to the nature of the business and the fact that a lot of experience is taught on the job, you do not necessarily need a college educati9on. However, like everything its always best to keep upskilling yourself often.

You could always register with a reputable hospitality recruitment agency who would specialise in hospitality positions. They will have a range of roles from permanent fulltime positions to casual part time ones. Best of luck

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