Keeping upbeat during downtime

Keeping Upbeat during Downtime

As with a lot of hotels/bars and restaurants at the minute, hospitality recruitment Dublin has more or less come to a standstill.

So what should you do to try keep yourself occupied while waiting for your sector to open up again? The main thing of course is to keep yourself well both physically and mentally. Stay at home if advised to do so and don’t make unneeded journeys. But what about your next career move? As we said previously this is a great time to update your CV and upskill yourself with some courses online!

Use this spare time to research hospitality recruitment agencies online and check out their websites. Moreover, see what they are offering in terms of upskilling yourself or tips on writing your CV/Interview skills etc. This will give you a better idea of what employers are looking for these days. There are a lot of hospitality recruitment agencies in Ireland so make sure what you are reading is current and up to date. For instance, a blog post from 2015 may not be relevant to today’s market. Also, check out which sector is relevant to you i.e Hotel Recruitment Agency or Catering Recruitment Agency. This will help narrow your search

Try to get in touch with a good hospitality recruitment Dublin agency. They are also going through a down time and would be happy to help you out with your CV. Maybe they can give you some tips and advice on what’s happening with the sector going forward.

Yes, our industry has been hit hard but let’s use this down time to re-energise, refocus and upskill ourselves. We can all come back bigger and better than ever before! Likewise, let’s see our Industry really rise to the challenge!

Check out some of those courses here.

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