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Talking about a vacation and 2020 in the same sentence is ridiculous at this moment in time. However, if anything this period proved a vacation is a mindset not just time and location. With limited air travel and restrictions people have started to discover staycation. Croatia is the same. People want a break from their normal routine. Especially after months of lockdown. Now, we’re all just looking to rest and breathe for a minute. In circumstances appropriate to the current situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, of course. Just last year I traveled to three different countries. However, part of me is grateful that I got the opportunity to see and explore so many beautiful sites in Croatia I hadn’t had the opportunity or time before. And trust me, from zip-lining in the hills to relaxing on the beach, there’s loads to see in Croatia.

Zipline CetinaStaycation Split

Since I grew up in Zadar County but have been living for 10 years in Split my vacations are always hectic trying to catch up with all the people I love. So, let start with Split. It’s a beautiful coastal town, second in size in Croatia. With its ancient walls and palace, it brings in many tourists every year. But this is 2020. There aren’t as many tourists as usual. However, the local sure are loving having the town to themselves. There are no rushes, people are enjoying the sun and drinking coffees on Riva or in the Old Town Centre.

That’s just the town. This is what you can find if you drive for 25 minutes.

View in Cetina CanyonIt was an amazing three-hour experience followed by a lovely meal in Konoba Bracera in Duce near Omis. Still, you could see it was a bit different than before. All the employees wore masks. There weren’t as many people around. Luckily that all played in favour of our company since we got quite a personalized experience.

Staycation Zadar County

After few days it was already time to pack up and head towards Biograd & Zadar where further reunions awaited. In Biograd, I met with the few friends who managed to schedule their staycations at the same time and we enjoyed simply catching up. This brings me to my favourite part of Staycation Croatia 2020 – the people. Truly, everyone is cautious but we can’t live apart. And Covid somehow showed it. People seem to enjoy spending time with each other far more. At least that was my impression.

It was great to walk through the historical centre of Zadar. However, it was far better to attend the high-school reunion party and see how beautifully people you knew developed. Some of them I hadn’t seen in 10 years. It was a sweet, small gathering accompanied with guitars and laughter.

Sure, it wasn’t the vacation I planned for this year but it was amazing nonetheless. Especially, sightseeing Split with a friend who’s never been.

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