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Spa therapist hotel jobs, Ireland

Looking for Spa therapist hotel jobs? Look no further. Spa therapist are appreciated and well paid in Ireland. Moreover, good spa therapists are always wanted in hotels. Action Recruitment opened its doors as a hospitality recruitment agency in 1974. We started out as one of the hotel and recruitment agencies in Dublin, Ireland and have since expanded. Since 2017, when we opened an office in Croatia, we have employed over 50 spa therapists Ireland and UK.

We found jobs for our spa candidates in the best 4- and 5-star hotels in Ireland & UK either through our recruitment fairs or directly over Skype.

Below are the requirements our candidates need to meet in order to get a spa therapist job in Ireland:

  • Massage certificates (required)
  • Make up certificates (optional)
  • One year of experience in a 4- or 5-star hotel or in a better beauty studio
  • Knowledge of English language

Our Spa therapists proved to be diligent and capable workers in Ireland and UK. Moreover, the employers are very satisfied with their work ethic and attitude. You can get a spa therapist job in Ireland through a Skype interview. Contact our consultants today to find out more.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment processThe article on Moving to Ireland for Work describes our recruitment process in detail. Keep in mind, it is very important to send a good CV in the job application. Also, it really helps when you include your certificates and references from past jobs.

If you’re having trouble writing your CV, download our template here.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for Spa therapist hotel jobs in Ireland with accommodation we also provide those. Not only in city hotels but also in large resorts. However, we must point out that it is far easier to find accommodation in resorts than it is in city hotels. Primarily due to the high demand for accommodation and rent prices.

The very position you will be working on depends on your preferences and prior experience. Have no fear, wherever you start when you arrive you will undergo full training. Similarly, you will be instructed in how the whole spa works, the job itself, the shifts, etc.

We must also point out that this process is completely free of charge for candidates in terms of our agency. In other words, if you land a job through us, you do not pay any agency fees.

Work conditions of a spa therapist:

  • The average salary for a spa therapist in Ireland is between 11 and 14 euros per hour. Primarily depending on the size of the hotel and the volume of work.
  • If accommodation is included, the salary also ranges from 11 to 14 euros per hour. Also, depending on the size of the hotel and the volume of work.
  • Working hours are a minimum of 40 hours per week. However, there is a possibility of working overtime. Of course, it is in agreement with the spa manager.
  • Depending on the hotel, the salary also includes sales fees and percentages of treatments + tips

We are the best hotel recruitment agency Ireland when it come to spa therapist so reach out to us in confidence. Get in touch with any of our consultants today if you’re looking for hotel jobs Ireland. Send  your CV in English and get one step closer to getting your dream job.

We recruit also for Hotel General Managers, Hotel Revenue Managers, Executive Head Chefs, Hotel HR Managers etc.

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