Sous Chef Jobs Dublin

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Sous Chef Jobs Dublin

Sous Chef Jobs Dublin

As we start another new year, has much changed when it comes to sous chef jobs? Dublin has been hit hard by the pandemic. Before COVID-19 Dublin had more jobs than any other County in Ireland. Indeed, if you looked at any jobs board you would see lots of hospitality outlets advertising sous chef jobs. Dublin has many different types of bar/restaurants and hotels. All looking for talented sous chefs to complete their kitchen team.

So, what has happened to all these sous chef jobs? Dublin eateries have been closed since March 2020. Yes, there have been a few weeks in between when they could open. As we stand in February 2021, all these establishments are once again unable to open. Will they rise again? Well, the simple answer is yes, they will. 2021 will most likely be the year for staycations. Will people holiday in Dublin? Yes, they sure will. Dublin has so much to offer in terms of tourist attractions, museums, and heritage sites. It is also famous for shopping sprees. All the main retail outlets will be hoping they can fully reopen this summer.

Looking to the future


So, this means that hotels/bar and restaurants will once again be bustling with customers. Enter the sous chef, who is also seen as the rock of the kitchen team. The unsung hero who is the driving force behind the team.

We passionately believe that Dublin and indeed Ireland will come back bigger and stronger than ever before. We just need to wave goodbye to this pandemic. Will we see the Celtic tiger roar again? Yes, the industry has lost some really good chefs in the past year. However, there are still some amazing and passionate sous chefs out there and we believe they will apply for sous chef roles. Dublin will soon be bustling again.

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