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Sales jobs Ireland can be found in different sectors. You can just as easily find them when you’re googling sales jobs, hotel jobs, retail, IT or any other. An upside to this is greater mobility for salespeople. Since their skills can be transferred from one sector to another a highly skilled sales person is always sought after. Some people just have that “something” about themselves which makes them work wonders in sales. However, in this article we will be focusing on hospitality jobs Ireland offers.

Key attributes to land sales jobs – Ireland

Hospitality in Ireland is a small and tight-knit community. Therefore, it’s quite easy to earn both good and bad reputation. Every hotel and resort has their own sales team and there are plenty of networking events where hotel representatives meet during the year. So, it’s not just about selling your product. It’s about building long-lasting relationships with your clientele. In order to achieve a good rapport, a good salesperson needs to be:

  • Driven
  • Dedicated
  • Quick to react
  • Honest

Clock and stacks of coins with nature as backgroundSales jobs Ireland – roles and salaries

In this section we won’t just be discussing hotel management jobs but rather various sales roles and their respective salaries. First things first. Sales jobs Ireland are often connected with MICE or Marketing. Therefore, a Sales Manager in a hotel will often actually be a Sales and Marketing Manager. Now, onto the list of sales roles. Initially, you can start working in the sales department as a Sales Executive. Average salary for this role is €32,810 per year. Of course, this varies from city to city. After spending some time as an executive, your career can progress to a Sales Manager level where the average salary is €45,021. Moreover, the best and most persistent can reach the level of Director of Sales where the average salary is €89,153.

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