Resilience as a necessary tool

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Why is it important to build resilience in modern times? It’s not so you can deal with the workload easier. And it’s definitely not so you could do more duties than you’re doing now. It’s so that the stress of your work life doesn’t seep into your private life. Moreover, it’s about creating a mindset where you’re you and actions of others don’t throw you off your track as easy as they could. Most importantly, even when you do build resilience, it’s never an excuse or reason to tolerate unacceptable behaviour. Yelling, berating, and demeaning have no place anywhere, let alone in a professional environment. However, life always throws us where we didn’t expect or intend.

Sure, resilience will help you through those situations but if you don’t see a change on the way, just don’t stay. We spend way too much of our lives in school and at work and there is absolutely no reason to expose yourself to such an environment. After spending so much time at work it’s hard not to get worked up over problems that happen there. Furthermore, you simply invest yourself in what you do. Especially if you love it. But that doesn’t mean you can allow it to pour into every other aspect of your life. Nowadays, jobs are dynamic, stressful and involve a lot of multitasking. All of that contributed to a significant increase in stress related ailments. Especially in young people who are just starting out their careers.

Resilience & quitting a work environment you hate

However, there’s one thing that needs to be clear. If you decide to leave a toxic work environment, it doesn’t mean you are not resilient. It simply means you know who you are, what you can work with and what kind of a professional environment you want to grow. Quitting a bad job isn’t quitting, it’s opening yourself to new, better-suited opportunities. Same way a plant can’t grow without the sun, neither can you without a proper, stimulating environment. You can read more about resilience on the following links:



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