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Recruitment 101

DictionaryLet’s take a look at both recruitment and hospitality recruitment agencies history, what it is and how it came to be. Merriam-Webster defines recruitment as action or process of recruiting. Additionally, recruiting means to fill up the number of with new members. The word is derived from French recrute, recrue, meaning fresh growth or new levy of soldiers. In that sense, the word was first used in the middle of the 17th century while the modern recruitment as we know it began during WW2. For example, first instances of recruitment were for military purposes. Specifically, if you wanted to have a strong army and expand, you needed capable men and to persuade them to enlist. Later, recruitment also arose in connection to military and war. In other words, during WW2 a lot of able-bodied men went to war leaving a void in the workforce and that void needed to be filled. Thus, the first recruitment agencies came to be. Agencies tried to fill that gap with people who weren’t enlisted and later assisted returning soldiers find work as well.


Initially, recruitment looked a bit different to our current notion. Although the gist remained the same, the technology wasn’t as developed as it is now and that made all the difference. It was all about who you know and how they know you. We remember when we started in 1974, the main reason why we chose our office at the time was the fact that it already had a landline installed. Weird, huh? But back to the process and the environment. Firstly, back then there weren’t as many hotels and the demand was lower. As was staff turnover. Secondly, the aforementioned technology was less developed which in turn meant it was quite local. People networked in person and based on initial assessment and word of mouth would decide whether to work with the recruiter or not.

Modern day Recruitment

Modern recruitmentToday, with social media, affordable air travel and the overall number of hotels the picture is quite different. Now, people from all over the world can apply for work wherever they desire. Moreover, it’s a bit easier to uproot your life and move across the globe when it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with loved ones. (No horses necessary to deliver your mail. ????) But, back to the matters at hand. Nowadays we define recruitment as the entire process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary).

Moreover, recruitment can be internal and external and is a form Business process outsourcing where a third party takes over the entire process. Furthermore, that process now includes the use of new technologies. To illustrate, instead of face to face we can now have Skype/Zoom interviews. Also, recruiters no longer need to struggle as much to reach new contact due to social media. On one hand, this all sound like it made the recruiter’s life easier. On the other hand, the demand was never higher and having a huge pool of candidates means sifting through a lot more people.

Recruitment evolved over time as all things do and now involves specific assessments and tests depending on the client. Software has undergone through the same changes as well and you now have various ATSs and databases. Of course, applicants now also have a wide variety of job sites which they can peruse and use. So, why should you decide to use a recruiter to help you find a job?


Truly, you can find a lot of jobs by yourself especially if you’re looking for entry level roles. However, oftentimes higher up roles are not advertised as the employer want some discretion. Moreover, if you’re looking for a job yourself, you need to do your own research. Similarly, you need to research all the employers. With this in mind, it becomes clearer why to use a recruiter. They already know the employers and can give you inside info as well as tips for the interview itself. Every agency that wants to be the best hotel recruitment agency has a strong ethical code. With this in mind, don’t be shy, reach out!

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