Recruitment Companies

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Recruitment Companies

So, what exactly are recruitment companies and what do they do. Well, some would say they are a one stop shop if your looking for you next job confidentially. There are lots of different types of recruitment companies based all over Ireland. From your large multinational chain to the small family owned business. Recruitment companies come in all sizes. They act on behalf of both the client and the candidate. Some of them would specialise in a particular sector. Some would have many different sectors. They also offer fulltime/permanent roles and causal part time roles. Then there are fixed terms roles. This is esp. good if your looking to earn extra money for a few weeks.

What are the benefits of using a recruitment companies for a candidate?

First make sure you register with a reputable recruitment company. Ideally one that specialises in the field you are looking to get into. This could be Hospitality/IT or Sales etc. Once you have made contact then the next step will be to have an interview with the recruiter. They will go through your CV with you and give you advice on what roles best suit your background. They will set up interviews with clients and hopefully you will get an offer. The recruiter will be there to assist and guide you through the whole process. Once placed they will still be there for support over the coming months. Best of all is this service is free to the candidate and you may even end up becoming as client of the recruiter.

What are the benefits of using recruitment companies for the client?

There are many benefits to the client. Rather than have to sift through many applications for a role. The recruiter will advertise the role for free and then select 3-5 candidates who suit the job description. The recruiter will do all the reference checks and ensure that the candidate is fully aware of what the client is looking for, even before the first interview. This speeds the process up for the client. Its also a good way to advertise a role confidentially if the client does not want to put the role on a jobs board. Even better the agency fee will only commence once the candidate has started the role. Again, the agency will be there to offer support along the way

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