Recruitment Agency

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Recruitment Agency

What exactly is a recruitment agency? Well there are literally hundreds of them. These cover a wide range of sectors. Specialising in a range of areas.  This could be fulltime or part time positions. Check out the benefits below.

There are many benefits of using a reputable hospitality recruitment agency. A client may come to a recruitment agency to help them attract top talent. This could be for a variety of reasons. Some positions may be confidential. Thus the client may not want to go to market looking for applications. A good recruitment agency will have an excellent candidate database. They can access to help find suitable candidates.

The recruitment agency will do all this work for them. They will usually only send them the top five or so candidates who are suitable for the position. The benefit to this, is that the hiring manager gains back a lot of time. They will only have to interview candidates who have been pre-screened and referenced. The hiring manager will usually pay a recruitment fee for this service.

In terms of benefits for candidates, there are many reasons to use a recruitment agency. Recruiters are usually very  knowledgeable and passionate about their industry. Recruiters can offer you excellent career advice. They will also put your details on their applicant tracking system. So you may not be successful the first time around, but may be in the future. This has proven to be successful for candidates in the past. The best thing about this whole process is there is no fee for the candidate. It is also confidential so you can rest assured. It may also benefit your career. Best of luck.

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