Recruitment Agencies Debunked: Everything You Wanted to Know About Recruitment and Recruiters Finally Answered

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There’s always been some kind of mystery surrounding recruitment agencies and recruiters alike. Allow us to answer your most frequently asked questions about the trade.

#1 How do recruitment companies work?

Recruitment companies connect jobseekers and employers by filtering out candidates who match the client specifications. They can recruit large scale when an employer wants to hire more staff or their recruitment can be quite selective which is usually the case for management roles. More often than not the recruiter will have not just minimum requirements for the role but also person specifications.

#2 Can I hire a recruiter to find me a job?

Yes and no. As it is not common practice, among reputable recruitment agencies, to charge jobseekers for their services the answer in the technical sense of the word “hire” is no – since you’re not paying them money. However, you can work with a recruiter to land your dream job. It’s more about teamwork and building lasting relationships than it is about a short-term exchange of services.

#3 Do you have to pay recruitment agencies?

No. As we mentioned above, reputable recruitment agencies do not charge their candidates. There are some who charge you for their CV writing services but that’s a different matter altogether. Knowing this, evaluate whether or not to give them money next time you’re asked.

How recruiters earn money

#4 How recruiters make money?

Regardless if they’re recruiting a large number of people or for a specific high-ranking role, the money for a recruiter’s fee comes from the employers. It can either be a flat fee which would be the case if they’re organising a recruitment event or it can be a commission fee based on the successful candidate’s salary. However, keep in mind that that commission cannot affect the salary of the job seeker. It’s a one-time fee and often recruitment agencies have a clause in the contract where they have to replace the candidate if he/she leaves the role prematurely.

#5 How to find a recruiter?

Google. We’re not trying to be smart, literally just google. Consider your industry and the location you’re trying to find work in, match those two and you’re sure to get results. A whole different thing is making sure you’ve found a good recruiter. That takes a bit more research as well as checking their reviews on google and social media. You can also go on LinkedIn and type recruiter in the search bar.

#6 How to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn?

Be open and concise. Do the research from #5 and once you’re sure you’ve found the right recruiter for you, send them a connection request. You can add a short note to introduce yourself and that could increase your chances of accepting the request and getting a reply. However, it’s not mandatory. You can just click in on connect and once they’ve accepted your request, reach out to thank them and introduce yourself.

reaching out to recruiter on linkedin

#7 How often to follow up with a recruiter?

If you’re following up on a CV you sent over, a week is fine. Three to four days if you’re waiting on employer feedback. And as for a follow up after your interview, we honestly prefer straight away while your impressions are still fresh in your mind. Other recruitment agencies might have their own preferences.

#8 Why do recruiters ask about other interviews?

Reliability and dependability. Recruiters are well aware you can apply for jobs yourself and that you can use multiple agencies at the same time. Btw, this is just going to create loads of confusion if you’re not straight from the start. We don’t mind you applying, just let us know. It makes no sense for client to receive your CV from you, us and another one or two agencies. If we know what your plans are, we can work with you better and we know how much we can count on you. It’s all about honesty and mutual respect which brings us to our last question.

#9 What do recruiters want to hear?

The truth. Whether you have doubts about a role, might be reconsidering even changing jobs or have a better offer in, just let your recruiter know. If you’ve been completely transparent with each other from the start nothing will come as that much of a shock and your recruiter will support you or at least understand your decision better. This is a foundation for all successful recruiter-candidate relationships.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment as well as any other questions you might have.

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