Receptionist Jobs

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Receptionist Jobs

So, what exactly do the words receptionist jobs mean? What areas does it cover? Well in truth receptionist jobs vary depending on the industry you are in. You could be a receptionist at the front desk of a large hotel. Or you could be the receptionist in a small office with just 5 people. Depending on which route you go down you will find that receptionist jobs can differ esp. in their job descriptions.

For todays blog we will concentrate on receptionist jobs in hotels. This can be a great way to start your career off in a hotel. Many a hotel General Manager will tell you they started off at the front desk. So, what exactly does a receptionist do? Well they are literally the first person you have contact with when you enter the hotel. You could say they are the face of the hotel. As they are generally the first person you see, they need to make a good first impression.

The receptionist will meet and greet you and check you in for your stay. However, their job is much more than this. You will find they are on hand to help with any queries you may have. Or they can act as a local tour guide, telling you the best places to go during your stay with the hotel.

Receptionist Jobs-A good career choice?

Simple put the answer is yes. When we think of hotels roles we mostly think of the food and beverage roles. However, front of house is just as important as food and beverage. You could start off as a receptionist then work your way up to Front Office Manager, then maybe Revenue Manager and onto General Manager. From there the rewards are endless

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