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Pastry Chef Cake

Becoming a pastry chef is not just another everyday job. It is an extremely rewarding career choice as well as a financially rewarding one.  A good pastry chef will tell you they fell in love with pastry from an early age. They may have baked with their parents as a kid. Or they may have known someone who ran a pastry shop. They will tell you they got the bug for cooking or baking early on and this never went away!

There are many different types of establishments who would require a pastry chef. From the small café in your local high street to the big 5* hotels throughout the world. Pastry is a fine art. So how do you get a job as a pastry chef?

Pastry Macaroons

Education is key

There are many different courses out there to educate you in the culinary world. So once you have picked a course it’s then about getting some work experience. For the large hotels there is usually a whole pastry department. Starting with the pastry head chef, there may be 3-4 staff in them team. Therefore, you will start off as a commis pastry and over time work your way up to head pastry chef. Of course, it is not just about throwing all the ingredients into a bowl and hoping for the best. First things first,  all the pastries are carefully thought about and lot of them go into exceptionally fine detail. This is to ensure the customer gets that wow experience. This could be a small pastry with a cup of coffee or an expensive afternoon tea with pastries that resemble fine art.

However, whichever path you choose, being a pastry chef is all about practice. Also, it’s about the passion as well. The more you do it, the better you become at it. In turn the more rewarding it becomes.

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