Modern solutions for modern problems

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In this article we will discuss modern solutions to modern problems the industry is facing. Hospitality jobs have undergone significant changes in the last 6 months. As have most hospitality recruitment agencies. Ireland, like most countries, suffered the consequences of Covid. Hotels, restaurants, pubs, and the entire country actually were shut down. Many commodities we took for granted were taken away. Sure, there was a lot of beautiful things too, but the truth remains the economy took a hit. Of course, citizen safety is a number one priority.

But aside from locking us all indoors, Covid had another consequence on our lifestyle. It reshaped business procedure. For instance, it changed how hotels greet new guests and how they cater to their needs. Basically, it changed hotel jobs in all shapes and forms. If you apply to hotel jobs now, it wouldn’t be strange to undergo a job interview over Skype. This was a rare instance before and now we’re used to it.

Modern solutions in hospitality

Hotels now need to adhere to new hygiene and safety standards which means implementing special cleaning procedure. Moreover, if you look at any chefs’ Instagram account, you’ll see all of them wearing masks. Waiters as well. Furthermore, consider the check in process nowadays. Different hotels have implemented different strategies. Some hotels now provide completely contactless check in.

On the other hand, we can also look at restaurant jobs and see how they’ve changed. Aside from the fact that waiters wear masks and there are stricter rules, one change is apparent from the get-go. In order to survive the impact Covid had, they had to adapt. There was never as many restaurants who deliver food to your doorstep as there are now. Hotel restaurants had to be even more inventive so for example some introduced food stands. Some opted for deliveries. But one thing’s for sure. The hospitality industry is resilient and inventive.Modern solutions vs problems

Below are some examples of ingenuity and novelties that arose during these times:

Things might be different, but the world goes on. Here, you can check out our selection of hospitality jobs.

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