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Restaurant jobs are often quite demanding. The hours are long whether you’re working in the kitchen or as a waiter. Moreover, you constantly need to perform at your best. Which makes receiving an award as Michelin star all the sweeter. Certainly, you need a superb team to pull it off. There are currently 21 restaurants in Ireland that can boast such an achievement. Below is a full list by location. Please note that asterisks mark the numbers of stars.

Michelin starred restaurants Ireland tableRestaurant jobs Ireland

Restaurant jobs in Ireland aren’t difficult to find. Truly, there are various methods you can employ. And most important, everyone has their own version of a success story. You can browse job portals or contact hospitality recruitment agencies. Now, employer also often advertise on social media. However, if that doesn’t feel right to you, you can always go with the proven approach. Visit the restaurant or hotel and give them your Curriculum Vitae in person. Just make sure you’ve proofread it before and that it’s clear and accurate. As we said, there are plenty of options and you need to find the one that works for you. There are benefits and disadvantages to all listed.

However, no matter your background, once you start in a Michelin restaurant get ready for additional training. Chef jobs require trials as well. We do hope you get a job like that ???? But, what do you do if you don’t? Well, you research – as is often the catchphrase of our boss. You try to find really good restaurants that are going for a star or have really good ratings and you start there. Work, learn and maybe you can reach your own star.

If you’re wondering where to start, reach out to us. We have experience placing chefs in some of the best hotels and restaurants across Ireland.

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