Kitchen Porter Jobs

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Kitchen Porter Jobs

If you look on any Irish jobs board you will see there are lots of companies advertising kitchen porter jobs. The job of a kitchen porter is a vital one to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen and restaurant. The efficient running of any kitchen starts with the kitchen porter. You could say they are a vital cog in a well-oiled machine. You could have the best executive chef producing top dishes in a Michelin star restaurant. However, if they do not have clean pots to prepare them in, or clean plates to serve them on, then the rest is pointless. Is there a more I important role in the kitchen that kitchen porter. Jobs like these are a plenty. Mainly because they tend to be on the lower salary range. It is also a very labour-intensive position.

What kind of duties are there with kitchen porter jobs?

  1. Washing pots and pans
  2. Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  3. Sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor
  4. Carrying out other basic cleaning tasks
  5. Taking in deliveries and putting them away safely
  6. Ensuring fridges and storerooms are tidy
  7. Washing and cleaning of work surfaces

There may also be other duties assigned by the head’s chef. It all depends on the type of kitchen

Kitchen Porter-A Steppingstone for a rewarding career

Of course, a lot of head chefs today will tell you they started their career off working long hours as a kitchen porter. It was here they developed a love of cooking. With the guidance of a good head chef, they would start their career in the kitchen as a commis chef and from there the worked their way to the top.

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