Jobs in Ireland with accommodation

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Jobs in Ireland with Accommodation

So, you fancy a move to Ireland? You want to find jobs in Ireland with accommodation? Well luckily for you there are plenty. Ireland may be a small Country. However, it is home to over 800 hotels. Luckily, a lot of them can provide accommodation. If you are looking for jobs in Ireland with accommodation your best bet is to look beyond Dublin. Whilst Dublin is the Capital City and will tend to have most of the jobs, esp. in the hospitality sector. However very few of the 250 hotels will provide accommodation. Mostly due to the fact they literally do not have the space.

So, you need to be looking beyond Dublin. Ireland is home to some of the most beautiful Counties in the world. There are a lot of hotels who provide jobs with accommodation. A lot of these roles tend to be at line level. This would generally be chefs or accommodation assistants. They could also provide homes for spa therapists or food and beverage staff. Some hotels would block off a small amount of rooms to staff. Others have purposely built staff accommodation. They would include apartments and lodges built on the large grounds.

Am I working 24/7?

No not at all. As they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your downtime is your downtime. You can do anything you want, as long as it is in reason of course. For some rural hotels they will even put on staff buses daily so staff can pop into the local town and spend a few hours there and then get the bus back.

This type of accommodation tends to be relatively cheap. Hotels tend to take a small portion of wages towards board and lodging. And remember it is a great way to save. As while you are on duty you normally tend to get your lunch and dinner for free. Which means you are only really paying for your food on your day off.

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