Human Resource Manager Jobs Dublin

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Human Resource Manager in Dublin

Before this pandemic hit, there were lots of human resource manager jobs Dublin had to offer. As Dublin is a major European Capital City, it is home to many global businesses. There are literally hundreds of sectors where you could hold the position of human resource manager. Dublin based or otherwise. For todays topic we will focus on human resource manager jobs in the hotel sector. So,  what is the role of a human resource manager in a hotel environment? Well, this all depends on the type of hotel you are employed in. For example you could be a human resource manager in a small hotel with just one person in the team. Or, you could be the director of human resource in a large 4/5* hotel where there are 5 people in your team.

Education is key to landing human resource manager jobs Dublin

So if you are wondering how to get human resource manager jobs, Dublin has lots of ways. Well, usually  for this position education is key. Employment Law in Ireland is ever changing and updating. A good human resource manager be up to date with all current HR trends. There are many different colleges out there that with different types of courses to upskill yourself in HR. So, this could be a part time course, done over a 6-month period. Or you could take the plunge and do a degree course in Human Resource Management. Armed with all this knowledge, you would probably be working already in the HR field. The types of positions range from HR executive to generalist. Then moving onto Assistant HR or HR Manager. From there if you had a passion for all things HR & Hotels, you could move onto the very senior role of Director of HR.

Human Resource Manager Jobs Dublin-A responsible position

Of course, with this great position comes great responsibility. You would really need to know your employment law for this role. You will not only be advising senior management, but you will also be advising staff members on any issue that arises.

One thing is for sure though, no two days are ever the same

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