HR and Employment Law Services

We provide bespoke HR consultancy services in the areas of HR and Employment Law to our clients across Ireland.

A detailed but not exhausting list of our services is listed below. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We are always delighted to speak with you to discuss your requirements and our tailored solutions.

Employment Law Compliance

At Action HR Services we know the real cost of employment law non-compliance for employers. From WRC Inspections through grievances, workplace conflict to employment law claims, our compliance offering will identify gaps and provide comprehensive solutions.

Employment Contracts and Company Handbook

We offer the full suite of company documentation including various types of employment contracts and company policies. The documentation is drafted in full compliance with employment legislation and HR best practice.

HR Best Practice Advice

In today’s workplace the people are an organization’s most valuable asset. We know that implementing effective people management processes will drive the team motivation levels and results. At Action HR Services we deliver pro-active people solutions based on HR best practice. All this while ensuring employment law compliance.

Workplace Investigations

At Action HR Services we know that the failure to carry out a workplace investigation correctly may have far reaching, negative consequences including relationship breakdown, financial costs and litigation. Our Investigation offering includes providing advice on how to conduct the process and facilitating the investigation as an independent third party. This includes support and facilitation of any stage of the disciplinary, grievance and dignity and respect at work investigations. Let our extensive experience guide you and ensure that the process is conducted in line with best practice and the relevant employment legislation.

Redundancy and Restructure Process Advice

Restructuring and reorganising the way in which the work is performed is crucial for achieving the competitive advantage for any business. Whether this includes changes to work processes, implementation of new technology, products or services, a degree of change to the workforce may be necessary. This in turn may lead to the business restructure and, in some instances, a redundancy situation. Our extensive experience in this area will guide you through this challenging process while offering peace of mind regarding employment law compliance.

Performance Management

The process of effective Performance Management integrates many elements to such as setting SMART goals, managing expectations, providing continuous feedback, recognising and rewarding performance and creating development opportunities. Effective performance management processes will lead to increased motivation and retention levels, skills improvement, aid you in succession planning allowing the company to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. At HR Action Services we provide effective advice regarding probation and on-going performance management processes.

HR Outsourcing

Action HR Services offer a cost-effective HR outsourcing solution on either retained or a project basis. We understand that at times having an in-house HR function is not a viable solution and we are pleased to offer an alternative tailored to your needs and budget.

Employment Law Advice

We recognise that the world of Irish employment law is extraordinarily complex and continues to evolve with legislative changes. Action HR Services are delighted to offer our expertise and straightforward approach to help you stay up to date and navigate the complexities and nuisances.

Recruitment Support

With extensive and proven experience in recruitment, Action HR Services provide effective recruitment support to allow you secure the best talent for your organisation.


Action HR Services offer a wide variety of training courses including mandatory Manual Handling and Dignity and Respect at Workplace sessions as well as various other courses in the areas of people and performance management.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts can arise at any time in the workplace. When conflict does happen, it is important to resolve the situation before it escalates. There are many ways to resolve conflict situations. Action HR Services can offer advice on the type of conflict approach to use depending on the situation to ensure an agreement is reached that satisfies all parties.


Mediation is a formal process in which a trained Mediator assists 2 or more parties in resolving a dispute in a collaborative and consensual way. Action HR Services can provide the services of an independent, impartial and neutral Mediator to assist conflicting parties toward negotiation and agreement.

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