How has LinkedIn changed the recruiting process?

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LinkedIn and recruiting process

Recruiting process went through quite a number of changes in the past couple of years. LinkedIn played a major role in that evolution. In one of our recent articles Recruitment History we discussed the recruiting process in general. In brief, recruitment appeared as a response to the void in workforce created by men leaving for WW2. Naturally, since then, a lot has changed. From handing out flyers to keeping numbers in a Rolodex to keeping a database on your computer. And then, social media came along. We actually started in Rolodex times, that’s how old Action Recruitment is. But, we’re keeping up with the times.

But let’s get back to the point. Social media caused everyone to adapt to new circumstances. All of a sudden, you got a huge number of people you could reach. This caused new difficulties.

Recruiting process and social media

One of the main difficulties social media caused was filtering out the right people among those you reached. Another was verifying the identity of the people since sometime people used aliases. However, maybe the most significant one was the change in how people connected. Social media allowed everyone to connect into everyone. At some point that led to people being bombarded with information. Both solicited and unsolicited. Being over-accessible caused people to shelter themselves in order to avoid being overloaded.

When it was more difficult to connect, people valued connections more.

Enter LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the biggest game changer in the recruiting process since it’s beginning. It connects professionals and industry leaders and provides a way for people to connect meaningfully. It’s search box also allows recruitment companies to find qualified staff easier than ever. At the moment, LinkedIn counts 740 million users from all over the world. Talk about a talent pool.

Furthermore, it allows people to find work far easier than ever before. One thing jobseekers should keep in mind though is the fact recruiters use LinkedIn to double check the data from your CV. Therefore, if you have a profile, make sure it’s up to date. And remember, you can use it to gain insight into the company as well.

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