Hotel Recruitment Agency Ireland

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Hospitality Job Ireland

Hotel Recruitment Agency Ireland

There are lots of different types of hotel recruitment agencies in Ireland. There’s loads of recruiters Dublin based. Some specialise in permanent recruitment where others agencies would primarily recruit for casual/part time roles. It depends on what type of role you are looking for.  If you are looking for a hotel job to work around your education, you may want to reach out to a recruiter who can offer a role on a casual basis.   They might source your a job for certain days and times of the week. If however you are looking for a career in the hotel industry and see yourself in a management role one day, then its best to make an appointment with a recruiter in a good agency.  You need to contact someone specialising in hotel management roles.

A good hotel agency who specialises in hospitality recruitment will have a variety of hotel roles throughout the Country.  These roles could be Head Chef Jobs, General Manager Jobs and so on. Once you get into a hotel you can then progress through the ranks and work your way up. Indeed a lot of candidates come back to the first Hospitality Recruitment Agency they used.  If they are looking for a new position after a few years as they have formed a good trusting relationship with the recruiter they will return.

What to look out for.

Take your time to review the hotel jobs posted on the Recruitment Agencies website.  In this day and age its good to check out the reviews on the agency, and what their social media links are like, how they keep in touch with their candidates etc. And of course a good recruiter will always keep in touch with their candidate throughout the whole process.  This would be from initial interview stage right through to hopefully offer and acceptant stage.  You are on your way to a good and rewarding hospitality career. Best of luck in your job search!

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