Hotel Management – so you want a career in hotels?

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Hotel Management jobs – all you need to know and more

A career as a hotel manager can be a very long and successful one. Many a General Manager will tell you that they started their career off working in the bar and restaurant, at the front office, or in accommodation. They will say once they caught the hospitality bug, they knew that was the career for them.

Hotel management covers a wide variety of roles ranging from Food & Beverage Management to Front Office and Human Resources Management. All these managers will ultimately report to the hotel manager or General Manager

So how do you get started on a career in hotel management? Well you could just start at entry level. Then, through sheer hard work and determination you could work you way up through the ranks. However, it is always best to get a formal education through one of the many hospitality diploma and degree course throughout the Country. Once you have finished your course, a lot of the hotels will offer management training programs. There you’ll get to work in all areas of the hotel and then you can decide which area you like best and is the most suited to your skills. There are also many hotels abroad in places like USA & Switzerland who offer these internships. These are a great way to see and travel the world while also gaining valuable experience.

hotel management job huntYou should also sign up to a good hospitality recruitment agency who will specialise in hotel management jobs. They can offer career advice on which job is best to go for. And it’s always good to have an extra advice when it come to your career. Lots of hotels will offer both permanent and seasonal work.

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