Hotel Jobs Outside Dublin

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Hotel Jobs Outside Dublin

Hotel Jobs Outside Dublin

Dublin is the Capital City of Ireland and has a population of more than 1 million people. It is also one of Europe’s major Cities for business with a lot of International Companies using Dublin as their Headquarters. So naturally Dublin would have a lot of positions in all different sectors, especially the hospitality industry. But what about hotel jobs outside Dublin?

Ireland as an Island has 32 Counties and over 800 hotels so there are plenty of hotel jobs outside of Dublin. Some of the larger resorts can also offer accommodation for staff if they need to relocate or indeed if they are coming from abroad and have never been to Ireland.

Whilst most positions in Dublin would be offered on a fulltime, permanent contract, some hotels outside Dublin will offer seasonal contracts i.e. May-September as they may be located in a typical ‘Seaside Town or Village’ and the majority of their business in done in these months. Usually they will close of the Winter months of November to January and open with a few staff in February-May.

Also, worth remembering that as Dublin is a major European City, it comes at a cost. The cost of living is extremely high as is groceries, so gaining employment in a hotel job outside of Dublin will being many benefits. These benefits include more money in your pocket at the end of each week. You could live in a bigger house with all the commodities for less than a small apartment in Dublin. Also depending on what part of the Country you get a job, you will be guaranteed to be surrounded by some stunning scenery for your days off. Good thing is, there’s loads of Country Hotel Jobs.

As always if you are looking for a hotel job outside Dublin, you will find them on all the usual job sites, there are also some jobs sites such as Tourism Recruit which is dedicated to the jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. It also worth checking out Recruitment Agencies which specialise in the hospitality industry roles.

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