Hotel HR Jobs

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Hotel HR Jobs

Hotel HR Jobs

Hotel HR Jobs are often times both demanding and rewarding. Of course, you can go down the operational route i.e. Duty Manager/Ops Manager and GM. However, a lot of Hotel General Managers have come from a background in HR Management. Or perhaps they started off in the HR Department and worked their way up from there.

There are different types of Hotel HR Jobs available. If your desire is to get to the top, well in general you will need some sort of certificate in HR. Most HR Managers have a certificate in Human Resources in one form or another. And a lot of them will go on to further their education in HR with another course. This is an ever-evolving sector and the Employment Law is updated frequently.

Positions in HR

There are various positions in HR, depending on your experience. Newly qualified or those starting out their HR careers begin as HR Admins. From there they may move to an HR Officer position and eventually onto HR Management. Furthermore, many of the big hotels will have an HR Director. An HR Director’s job is to oversee all the Human Resource function of the hotel. They are usually supported by an HR team.

Out of all the hotel jobs out there, the HR Manager will usually act as the bridge between employees and management. Primarily, to make sure everyone understands their role. But also, to ensure both employees and management have support at all times.

You will usually find the role of an HR Manager under the title Hotel Human Resource Jobs when looking on job sites. There are also many Hospitality Recruitment Agencies who will specialise in hotels. This is also where you can find HR roles advertised. As recruitment in hotels is a full time position, the HR Manager may employ a Recruitment Manager. Their role is to oversee all the recruitment in the different departments. Thus leaving the HR Manager to oversee the day to day running of the hotel from an employee perspective.

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