Hotel financial jobs

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Hotel financial jobs are not listed among hospitality jobs as often as some are. However, there’s a good reason for it. The financial department is not as large as F&B. Also, not everybody is into numbers. Hotel financial jobs require a driven person. Somebody who is ready to find new ways to increase profit. Moreover, that person needs to be extremely detail-oriented and focused. This is especially true for hotel manager jobs.

What falls under hotel financial jobs?

Woman starting to write a listHotel financial jobs include the following roles:

  • Hotel Accountant
  • Auditors
  • Hotel financial controller
  • Account Payable and Receivable
  • Director of Finance
  • Night Auditor also fall under this category.

Average salaries for a Hotel Financial Controller go from €45-80 000. The highest salaries for financial jobs are in large resorts. However, those resorts are often in rural settings. Maybe that suits you, maybe it doesn’t. On the other hand, there are usually more hotel vacancies in big cities. For example, Dublin has a large number of hotel financial jobs when compared to the rest of Ireland. Weigh the pros and cons of both before you make your choice.

Starting a career in hotel financial jobs

Stacked coins increasing in size with a plant on topIf you’re considering a career in finance familiarize yourself with the market. Furthermore, try to find out what potential employers are looking for. In Ireland, hotels often look for ACCA or CIMA certificates. It might be a wise move to find out where you could obtain additional knowledge. There are many education facilities that provide training in finance. But, they’re not all the same. So, what do you do? You need to find out which one of those suits your needs the most. One of the globally recognized institutions is Cornell University.

At the same time, you might consider reaching out to a hospitality recruitment agency. Above all else because they could provide you with useful info. Also, you never know what jobs are out there. So, find a hospitality agency that works for you. And make sure they have a good reputation. After that the only thing left is to find you the job of your dreams.

Check out our hotel financial vacancies here. We’ll be honoured to join you on your journey.

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