Hotel Duty Manager Jobs

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Hotel Duty Manager Jobs

There are so many different types of hotel duty manager jobs our there. It all depends on what type you are looking for. There are literally 100’s of hotels located all over Ireland. You could be a duty manager in a small City Centre 3* hotel. Or you could be one of many duty managers in a large 5* resort in Ireland. There is so much variety being a hotel duty manager. Jobs and responsibilities vary from day to day. So, let us explore some more below

What is a Duty Manager?

Well at Duty Manager can be many things. You could be a Duty Manager in the Food & Beverage Department of a hotel. Or you could be a Duty Manager in a room’s based hotel with very little food and beverage. It a great starting point on your hotel management career. You are exposed to all different departments. Whilst on shift you could be helping in the restaurant. Then you could be covering breaks in the front office. Or you could be fixing a window in one of the bedrooms. It really is a varied position. From there you could move onto Food & Beverage Manager or Front Office Manager, depending on where your passion lies. Indeed you cant get to the role of Genera Manager unless you know how all the different department work.

Where are these hotel duty manager jobs?

Well, most hotels will usually promote their staff to duty manager positions of they show potential. Otherwise, they will advertise them on local job boards and newspapers. It always a good idea to register with a reputable hotel recruitment agency. One that will specialise in hotel management roles.

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