Hospitality sector in Ireland – Perception vs Reality

Hospitality Sector Ireland

While the public is constantly being bombarded by negative images about the hospitality sector in Ireland, the current situation deserves a look from a different perspective. A not-so-negative one perhaps. Or better said – a more realistic one.

There are articles popping up left and right about how expensive the hotels have become; how there’s no accommodation in Ireland; how expensive everything is getting. However, for every article titled “Hotel groups accused of ‘gouging’ tourists in Dublin” or “Restaurants battle ‘constant struggle’ to recruit staff” there are articles displaying great initiatives by hotels on how to attract staff.

For example, we’re seeing a positive trend emerging out of all of this. More and more hotels are putting their staff’s needs first. More than ever, hotels are now focused on providing accommodation for their staff. A fine example of this is an article about a resort on the peripheral of Dublin County that plans further investments to make it easier on their staff – “Powerscourt Hotel to build staff accommodation to attract workers”. And this is the Dublin area! The area everyone is saying is unaffordable or not attractive enough for workers. There are positive sides everywhere, it’s just a matter of looking for them. This is where a well-connected recruitment agency comes in handy.

Doesn’t matter which corner of Ireland you’re looking to make your home, there’s a high chance we have a good role with great employers in the area.

Benefits of working in the hospitality sector in Ireland

Apart from temporary or permanent accommodation that our clients offer, which includes single rooms, there’s a number of other benefits that could make your job easier.

Some of our clients offer free language classes. Majority of them reimburse your travel costs. Some even arrange for airport pick-ups; everything to make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

Yes, there is a shortage of available accommodation, but you know what there isn’t a shortage of? Jobs, jobs and good employers to work for; good employers who pay fair wages; you just have to know where to look.

There’s an abundance of positive trends – the hospitality sector is awake; there’s no lack of interest in vacations amongst domestic and international tourists. There are plenty of job opportunities and the country is considering “living wages” which some companies have already introduced.

So, in the end, it’s all up to you and how you want to shape your future.

If you want to work for some of the finest hotels in Ireland, you know who to call.

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