Hospitality Management

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Hospitality Management

So, what exactly is hospitality management? Well hospitality management means different things to different sectors. One thing is for sure, it is an excellent career choice. You could be a manager in a large hotel working your way towards the top position. Or you could be a manager in a catering company or a small restaurant. All come under the umbrella hospitality manager.

So how do I go about getting one? Well as usual it is all about experience. However, education is also important. There are lots of different courses out there you can do to set you off on the right foot. These could be small 3-6-month course in hospitality management. Or you could do a 4-year degree in hospitality management. This is done  through one of the many well-known catering colleges. There are also part time courses you can do. You might be currently working in the industry and just want to upskill yourself. Although education is usually recommended, it is not essential for this industry. A lot of hospitality managers have true grit and determination. They will say they started off in a junior position and worked their way up. Some companies will also run specific hospitality courses to help their staff to upskill.

Hospitality Management is a rewarding career

Hospitality managers to tend to work unsociable hours. However it can also be a financially rewarding career. A true hospitality management professional will have a passion for the industry. They know it is long days and sometimes unsociable hours. Although they love customer service and get a real sense of achievement.  Every hospitality manager will also tell you that no 2 days are ever the same. Best of luck in your job search.

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