Hospitality jobs restart – returning to work after COVID-19

Hospitality jobs restart

Hospitality jobs restart – returning to work after COVID-19

Impact that COVID had and continues to have on the hospitality jobs and hospitality careers is unparalleled. Since March, when it first spread across Europe, thousands of people lost their jobs or found themselves on a government assistance programmes. Hospitality jobs took a huge hit and entered a time of uncertainty. Fortunately, that is all about to change. The pubs and hotels are starting to open back again on June 29th. This in turn means many of the people who found themselves without a job will now have a chance to start working again. Same can be said for workers whose companies didn’t let them go but were still at home till we reached a semblance of normalcy.

What will be the new normal in hospitality jobs Ireland?

The New NormalSurely, nothing will be quite the same when they first open. There are still restrictions and safety procedures we need to follow. Not to mention there will be new technologies in place as well. If you’re wondering what the difference will be for the company you work for, Failte Ireland is there to assist. Their pages state out different practises for different hospitality companies. However, if you’re looking for guidelines for Northern Ireland, you can have a look here. Sure, it will take a while before we settle in to the new normal. But, we’re all back at work which is what matters.

Social distancing, wearing protective masks in some places, change of delivery standards and ordering are just among the few changes waiting for us. But what about the change in relations between an employee and the guest? Yes, that part will change too. However, with some extra steps maybe you can compensate for the lack of a visible smile or contact ????

Hospitality jobs

Hospitality jobsHospitality jobs are sure to change in the coming times. However, Irelands’ reputation in hospitality hopefully won’t. With our long tradition, we’re sure we can adapt to everything and still offer that unique Irish feel. If you need some assistance, IHI composed a series of webinars on restarting hospitality. However, if you’re here because your looking for work, check out our latest hospitality jobs here. Since a lot of the hotels will be swamped with work once they reopen, consider using a hotel & catering recruitment agency.

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