Hospitality Jobs Dublin – Where are we at?

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Hospitality Jobs Dublin

So, as we enter this new phase of living with this pandemic, how is it going to affect the hospitality jobs Dublin. Moreover, how it will affect hotel jobs Dublin has to offer?
Dublin is the capital of Ireland so therefore would have most hotels and would employ the most people in this sector. However, they have been badly hit by this pandemic and a lot of hotels are not back to full capacity yet. This resulted in the fact that their staff are only back on a part time basis. Some are not back at all. So, are these hotels still recruiting? Well I suppose the best answer is both yes and no.

Hospitality jobs Dublin – Then and Now

Over the course of the past 6 months a lot of really good people have left their hospitality jobs in Dublin. Some left due to redundancy. Others have taken up new positions outside the industry. Also, lots of non-nationals have left Ireland to return home to their Countries. Although you only must look on any of the hospitality jobs boards to see that under the heading hotel jobs Dublin.

Now, there are noticeably fewer roles than there were 6 months ago. However, some hotels are still recruiting to fill essential roles. These are necessary for the hotel to be able to open to everyday guests. Some of these essential roles could be accommodation assistants or reception staff. Some hotels are recruiting for staff who can constantly upkeep and maintain the main areas. Both before and after a customer arrives.

Hotels will have a variety of shifts ranging from fulltime to part time. These may be a mixture of early mornings and late nights. All depending on what role you are looking for. Hotels also know that people have different lives and will happily work around this lifestyle to get the best staff working with them.
It is always good to register with a reputable and dedicated hotel recruitment agency for all roles in hotels. Sometimes not all hotel jobs in Dublin will be advertised directly by the employer.

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