Why take up a career in Hospitality?

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Hospitality Career

Why Take Up A Career in Hospitality?


A career in hospitality is both very challenging and very rewarding. It’s a job where no two days are the same. You can count on this, whether you’re a chef de partie in the kitchen or an accommodation assistant in the hotel rooms.

Some of the Perks of working in the hospitality industry:

  • You get to meet some wonderful people from all different Countries and Cultures.
  • Cross training. A lot of hotels have introduced cross training where you get to work in different departments, and then decide which one you enjoy most.
  • Enhance your career. Many hotel general managers and sales directors started their careers in the hotel at a junior level. Over time, they worked their way up through the hotel.
  • Education. Many hotels have introduced tailored education courses for hotel staff to encourage them to educate themselves. That way, they can progress their career further into management level. Furthermore, some hotels will even pay for your further education if you want to progress your career with them.
  • Flexible working hours. Most hotel managers are aware that everyone has different personal circumstances. Therefore, they offer flexible working hours, be in day shifts, weekend shifts or night shifts, to suit your current needs.
  • Working in hospitality is a great way to meet customers from all walks of life.
  • Be creative. Whether it’s a new food dish or signature cocktail, you have the freedom to make a change in your department. You can enhance the customer experience which will result in them coming back.
  • Have fun. Yes, hospitality hours can be long and hard but when you see the smile you put on a customers’ face it’s very rewarding. When you know they will go home with that wow factor and recommend your hotel to everyone, it’s amazing.

So as you can see there are many reasons to choose a career in hospitality! Also, there are some excellent colleges out there to get you started on your career path. The main hospitality college in Ireland is Shannon College of Hotel Management located in Co Clare. Visit their website to find out how you can start your career in hospitality management.

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