Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland

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Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland

Ireland is a member of the EU. Soon, Ireland will be the only European State that has English at their first language. In turn making it an extremely attractive Country for people looking for work. So how let us have a look to see what the highest paying jobs in Ireland are.

It really depends on what role you are looking for. Let us concentrate on the hospitality Industry to see what the highest paying jobs in Ireland for hotels are. The most senior position in a hotel is usually the General Manager. This person will be responsible for the day to day running of the hotel. They will have numerous HOD’s reporting into them. They will also have a lot of responsibility. A General Manager of a 5* Hotel will usually command a salary of €100K+. Even more if they are a Group General Manager.

So how does this compare to other sectors? Well it really does depend on your sector and title. Probably one of the top salaries would be for a CEO. The Chief Executive Officer of any company would command a salary of around €150+. As they would be responsible for running a large company with a large work force. Other high paying jobs would be Sales Director or Finance Director. These would command similar salaries. Of course, with all these jobs would come with great responsibility. You would need to be dedicated and really driven and have excellent leadership skills. Generally, the CEO of any company would be highly educated in their field. They would also have many years work experience behind them. It can also take many years to get there. However, once you do it can be extremely rewarding. Good luck!

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