Head Chefs Jobs Dublin

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Head Chef Jobs Dublin

Head Chef Jobs Dublin

There are many types of Head Chef Jobs in Dublin. They range from small café style restaurants to large catering companies. There are also Executive Head Chef Jobs for a large hotel resorts.

Although it is advised to educate yourself at the start of your chef career, it is also possible to progress your career as a chef without any formal education. You can work your way up through the ranks through hard work and dedication.

Most if not all of Head Chefs will tell you they started their career as a Commis Chef and worked their way up through the ranks.

So what are the salaries you can expect as a Head Chef in Dublin?

Salaries depend on what type of establishment you are working in. A Head Chef of a small local eatery with 2-3 chefs and a capacity for 50 or so will look to earn between €40-€45k.

On the other end of the scale is a Head Chef working in a 4* Hotel with a large team and different food outlets. They will command a salary of €80-€100k. Such a chef controls bar/restaurant/private dining as well as large scale conference and banqueting. A performance related bonus is sometimes paid on top of that. However, this type of chef needs to have a very strong financial background. They also need to excel with budgeting and forecasting to make sure the kitchen is a well oiled machine.

Yes there will be long days involved sometimes. On the other hand, a career as a Head Chef can be very rewarding and satisfying. Keep in mind, a good Chef is always in demand.

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