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Generation gaps interviews

Hospitality careers are among the most exciting and challenging in the world. As a result, we notice changes all the time. Especially with generation gaps meeting each other. Whilst you can be of a certain mindset, you need to be able to communicate effectively. Regardless if you’re a Millennial or Generation X member.

Below we have some guidelines that we hope will help you secure that dream hospitality job. Furthermore, they could help you retain it and also advance your hotel career.

  • Its not all about email and whatsapp or linkedin messenger. If someone calls you on the phone, then return the call via phone.
  • If you receive communication via email, then respond in a timely fashion. A few hours is fine but more than 24 hours demonstrates you are not so keen on the hotel job.
  • Do your research in advance of meeting with someone. Know all about the role and the property, ask for a job spec in advance. It’s all about hospitality careers.
  • If you need to cancel, be genuine. Make the phone call to the consultant and explain your reasons. Don’t take the easy option of sending a text.
  • Don’t use excuses of car accidents, illness, family reasons etc unless it is genuine. Employers have heard all this before. Remember, Ireland is a small country. The hospitality industry is even smaller.
  • At the interview stage arrive 5 minutes before and make sure to dress to impress.
  • Show respect towards the person in front of you or on the video call. Above all, it’s important to have manners.
  • Ask questions about the job as this shows your interest level in it. Don’t be afraid to say that you want the job at the end of the interview.
  • Call your recruitment consultant after the interview with feedback. It’s the least you can do seeing as they are helping you and representing you.
  • Write a note and post it to the interviewer if you are declined. You never know, they might consider you for future roles.
  • If you accept the job, sign the offer letter as soon as you receive it. If you delay, it appears you are trying to get a counter offer from your current employer.
  • Thank your recruitment consultant for their support. Alternatively, post a positive review about them to thank them for all their assistance.
  • If you decline the job offer after signing the offer letter have a valid reason why.
  • On declining a job offer it would be very nice to thank the employer for their time. Whether it’s via email or phone.

Remember, your peers are not all the same generation as you.

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