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First Impressions Interview Skills

Making a Good First Impression in an Interview

First impressions in an interview are so important. You have composed a good CV and secured yourself an interview for that dream job. What do you need to do for an interview to go well? Read our top tips below…

  1. Prepare and plan what to wear a few days beforehand
  2. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and have no stains. A smart suit and a tie would be ideal gents. For ladies a smart trousers/skirt and blouse combination is great. Please ensure they are not too big or too tight to wear. You want that “Perfect Fit”. If possible, make sure your shoes are polished (not too high for the ladies)
  3. When it comes to hair/make up/jewellery and perfume for ladies, they should be kept to a minimum. You don’t want it to be too distracting in an interview. Gents should be clean-shaven. If you already have a beard, that is ok. However, it should be kept neat and tidy. As it is for ladies and perfume, gents please keep aftershave to a minimum. Likewise, it’s a good idea to have a quick haircut as well.
  4. If you have visible piercings, it is a good idea to remove for interview. Likewise, if you can, cover tattoos. It will make a better first impression.
  5. You can always let the interviewer know you have piercings and tattoos. However, ask if that would be an issue going forward. They will let you know and at least you will have clarity at this stage
  6. Ladies, if you have nails, ensure they are not too long. Also, make sure the colour is not too distracting
  7. When the interviewer comes to meet you for the first time, put a big smile on your face. This, along with eye contact and a firm handshake will make a great first impression. It will set the tone of the interview
  8. Ensure you get the name of the interviewer beforehand so you can address them by name
  9. Bring a hard copy of your CV with you and an extra one to hand to the interviewer. Also, it would be helpful to have names and numbers of references ready. That way, you can give them to the interviewer if requested at the end.
  10. Relax, keep calm and enjoy the interview. Be prepared to elaborate and give examples on any questions your answer.

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