Event Jobs Dublin

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Event Jobs Dublin

There are so many different types of event jobs Dublin has to offer. Yes, maybe now COVID-19 has curtailed that a little. However, Dublin like every other City will recover from this pandemic. Event jobs Dublin will come back again, and they will be bigger and better. Dublin is home to so many different types of bar and restaurants. Not to mention all the stunning tourist attractions and theatres. So once back in action all these venues will need event staff to go with these event jobs. Dublin is also home to over 1 million people and 100s of international students.

Where are all these event jobs Dublin has to offer?

Well it all depends on the type of role you are looking for. As Dublin is a vibrant City, there is always something going on from early until late. Hotels tend to have a lot of event jobs as part of their sales and marketing team. This could be selling wedding and events to clients. Or it could be selling large scale conferences to international visitors. Or you could work for one of the many tourist attractions based in and around Dublin. There are also lots of different types of event jobs. Dublin is home to some of the best tourist attractions in the Europe and is a vital part of the Irish economy. You can get a part time/casual position during summer season. Or you could also make a career out of event management. Starting off as an event executive and working your way up the latter. Imagine being the manager of Dublin’s Convention Centre or Guinness Store House. If you want a career in events, they are some of the tope roles to aim for.

It also a good idea to register with a good recruitment firm. One that specialises in events and can offer you a broad range of event roles, along with some sound career advice

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