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Economic situation in hospitality for a hotel job

Are you wondering what is the current economic situation in hospitality in Ireland like? Well here we are May 18th 2020 and on Phase 1 of slowly starting to rebuild our economy. So, what exactly does this mean for our hospitality sector and indeed for your ideal hotel job? At the minute, hotels are planned to open in Stage 4, which is July 20th. So, what does this mean for its employees? Well at the minute hotels are in the planning stage of bringing their staff back. For now, most likely scenario is that they will firstly bring their senior managers back. All in an effort o get their departments ready. Secondly, they will bring back the supervisors from those departments. At this stage they will likely bring back staff who can work across a variety of departments i.e. accommodation and reception.

We may see a change in how hotels operate post Covid-19. Before all this happened, there was a severe shortage of people willing to work in the hospitality sector. Consequently, this resulted in hotels having to use Hospitality Recruitment Agencies and Hotel and Catering Recruitment Agencies. As a result of Covid-19 a lot of non-nationals returned to their homelands. Others however decided to leave the hospitality industry for good. Of course, hotels will already be in the process of assessing their staffing levels before they open. Likewise, they will try to decide whether they need to start the recruitment process. Alternatively, they might decide to wait for a few months. At first, most hotels will open on a reduced capacity for a month or two. Primarily because they need to see what their occupancy will be and how they can manage social distancing.

What to do now?

What to do now question markMost importantly, this is a good time to see which agencies are still around during and post Covid 19. In other words, use this time to separate the good from the bad. If you’re going to look for hotel positions when the hotels open, register your details with a reputable Recruitment Agency. All you have to do is research a good Hotel Recruitment Agency in Ireland. However, don’t forget to check their reviews and updated websites. Once you decide on an agency, give them a call. A good recruiter is in regular contact with hotels and has useful information to share.

Remember, we’re starting to recover and we’ll get there in the end. Above all else keep in mind there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.

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