Chef Jobs in Kerry

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Chef Jobs in Kerry

Chef Jobs in Kerry

So, do you fancy getting yourself a chef job in Kerry?  Traditionally known as the Kingdom of Ireland. There are literally 100’s of chef jobs in Kerry. Kerry has some of the best hotels in Ireland. Ranging from small 3* hotels to large 5* resorts. In normal times it is one of the top tourist hotspots in Ireland. Mostly due to its stunning scenery and endless coastlines. Some hotels are very seasonal i.e. most of their business is done in summertime. However, many of them are open all year round. So, pre covid there were a lot of chef jobs in Kerry.

So, what type of chef jobs are out there? Well, in summer season there is a bundle of chef jobs in Kerry.. You could start off as a commis chef. Here you would probably be helping on the prep or starter section. As you will see on most jobs board, nearly every hotel is looking for a chef de partie. Mainly because this is a skilled job where you can be trained in several sections. Then come the big ones, i.e. Sous Chef and Head Chef. If you are the Head Chef in a hotel in Kerry, you can take it that your job is going to be a busy one!

Kerry has some of the top luxury hotels in the Country. If you get to experience working here as a chef, you will gain invaluable experience that will really compliment your CV.

Chef Jobs KerryAccommodation

You will find that a lot of hotels in Kerry will offer staff accommodation. This could be a room in the hotel if your job is seasonal. Or it could be a house in one of the dedicated staff lodges. You would normally share this with other staff members.

There are literally 100’s of stuff to do on your day off as Kerry has got endless tourist attractions. It is also only a short drive from bordering Counties such as Cork and Limerick so you will never be bored on your day off.

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