Chef Jobs in Hotels

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Chef Jobs in Hotels

Chef Jobs in Hotels

On the hunt for chef jobs in hotels? Many forget about the opportunity’s hotels have for chefs.

This can be a very fulfilling job in that you are making customers smile by serving them your most delicious creations.

Working a a chef in a hotel, you get to be creative in your own space and come up with new exciting dishes.

Working as a chef in a hotel will also look very good on your CV because hotel’s often have fancier restaurants and therefore, a lot of credibility and recognition in the hospitality sector.

There is an abundance of hotels in Ireland where you can live out your chef dreams. To put it in perspective for you, Ireland has a total of 823 hotel premises, according to Failte Ireland.

This figure does not include other stay in accommodation such as B&Bs, guesthouses and hostels. Ireland having that number of hotels means there are many opportunities out there for you.

The counties in Ireland with the most hotel premises include, Dublin, Cork, Galway and Kerry. However, all counties in Ireland have a high number of hotel premises.

Ireland has a great food scene and this is well illustrated in its hotels. From traditional Irish food options, to healthy options to Italian food, Ireland’s hotels truly show it all.

However, working as a chef can be a tough going job. It can be highly demanding and there can be a lot of pressure that comes along with the role.

Although, the pros definitely outweigh the cons here. In summary, there are many chef jobs in hotels. If you ever need help in deciding where to apply, do get in touch with us in Action Recruitment.

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