Chef Jobs in Dublin

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Chef Jobs in Dublin

Are there still chef jobs in Dublin? Dublin is the Capital of Ireland and the most populated City in the Country. Pre covid, Dublin was one of the major cities in Europe for tourism. As such there was a lot of chef jobs in Dublin. These jobs ranged from a small bistro in the suburbs to the big 5* hotels in the city centre.

Is it easy to find chef jobs in Dublin? If you are a good chef with a willingness to put in the hours and work hard then the answer is yes. Pre covid there was a wide range of change jobs available in every establishment throughout Dublin. These ranged from commis chef right up to head chef and Executive Head Chef.

However, as Dublin was a major tourist city, since Covid 19 a lot of restaurants and eateries have seen their numbers fall dramatically. As a result, a lot of them have closed, for the foreseeable future at least. This has resulted in a lot of chefs either heading back home to their home Country or leaving the hospitality sector for other areas.

However, Dublin, like every other town and city will recover from this. While you have some downtime, this could be a great chance to use this time to upskill. There are many courses run throughout the City to help your boost your culinary skills. These range from day release courses to diplomas and then on to degree level. Once armed with a formal education your career can reach new heights.

It is also a good idea to register with a reputable recruitment agency who would specialise in chef jobs in Dublin and can put you in touch with the relevant hotels and restaurants

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